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Honda Supra Fit 2022 Review History and Specifications

Honda Supra Fit 2022 Review History and Specifications

Honda Supra Fit  is the most legendary duck bike in the country. The success of attracting consumers since 1997 has allowed manufacturers to continue to produce new generations into the present. Even if it had a different surname, of course, the great name Supra was still used.

The first gen Honda Supra came in 1997, some Super area names. Indeed, this machine continues the previous generation of duck engines. Its presence is quite amazing in the world of domestic two-wheeled cars.

This first-generation Honpa Supra was a pioneer in terms of conical design at the front and rear. This first generation always uses a 97 cc engine, with front and rear brakes that always use drums.

After 1 year of paving the country, Honda gave the second generation in 1998 under the name Supra X. This name did the legendary Supra in the country. Likewise in this generation, there are several other Honda Supra variants that have appeared in this country in the same body shape.

In the 2nd generation, the Honda Supra X has used disc brakes on the front wheels. While the rear braking always uses the drum. On the other hand, this motorbike gets an engine with a 100 cc engine, which is famous for being very durable.

On the sidelines of this 2nd generation, the name Honda Supra X, there are several new supra-supras. That is the supra fit variant which has a few specifications under the Supra X. There is also a supra v type which uses a clutch lever with drum braking on the wheels and a supra xx which also uses a clutch but also uses a disc.

Unfortunately, Supra V and Supra XX because they are highly demanded by state consumers. This makes the second life less long because the manufacturer has closed the production line of two motorcycles. Although now these two products are quite rare and are starting to target fans.

Then, entering 2005, Honda launched the third generation Supra X 125 with a larger engine capacity, namely 125 cc. This 3rd generation can be considered as the biggest development of this moped, which is the development of Honda Charisma. The first time on the market, this motorbike was immediately attacked by motorcycle consumers to duck in this country.

One year before the birth of the Supra X 125, Honda launched the fourth generation Supra with an injection combustion system in 2006. The birth of the Supra injection became the first pioneering injection engine in the country. As a result, the Génération Supra is currently called Susi aka Supra Injection.

That same year, Honda launched the Supra which was made as a cheaper option. Supra Fit in 2006 was born with a big body. But this precision always uses a carburetor with an old school engine on the C100 name.


Honda Supra Fit.

This bike was dropped in 2003 to accelerate Chinese motorcycle sales. This is a spare version of the Honda Supra, for example the only sign of neutral and top gears. The engine still uses the C 100 family carburetor.

This is the first generation of ducks in the Honda Fit series. View and technical specifications, the Honda Supra Fit is almost exactly identical to the Honda Supra X 100. It’s just that the quality of metal and other things is certainly different, given the price of the Supra X which is the most expensive.

In addition, there is also a difference in the meter panel, where the supra fit acceleration indicator only shows neutral gear position and top speed (big astrea and previous series). while the Supra X 100, grave finished, neutral to 4th gear.

Another difference is the size of the rear wheel equipment, where the Honda Supra Fit uses a speed measure of 40 teeth. Unlike the Honda Supra X 100, it uses Gear 36.

The use of the larger size of the supra-shaped gear is clearly the goal of increasing acceleration at lower turns. due to the highest rear speed, the slightest acceleration is acceleration, so the Supra Fit highway becomes more powerful. and difficult.


Although made for the daily use of consumers, Supra Fit X also has an attractive model that is able to attract consumers. In addition, this motorbike is also equipped with several advantages, including:

  • Modern design light panel with clear and complete convex glass.
  • Headlights and turner with multi-reflector with light glass that looks luxurious.
  • Hip Up Sitting model to offer maximum comfort while driving.
  • Versatile luggage (U-box) under the seat is functional and moderate.
  • The rear suspension is supported by an inner cover so that it is more protected from dust and dirt.

Supra Fit Mesin Engine

As for the PACAC heart sector, Honda has equipped this duck engine with a 4-stroke, SOHC, 97.1cc, air-cooled, carburetor engine. With this capital, Supra Fit X is claimed to be able to spit a maximum power of 7.3 PS at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 0.74 kg-m up to 6,000 rpm through a four-speed transmission system.

Although capable of being a vehicle for a million people due to it’s highly fuel efficient and easy maintenance, but the Honda Supra Fit X also has a number of advantages. Some of the advantages of a motorcycle with a selling price of approximately $ 741 when published for the first time, the acceleration of which is not more than 100 km per hour. In addition, the design of this machine still looks old, especially when used today.

Supra Fit Series Specifications

Honda Supra Fit
Honda Supra Fit

Engine type: 4 shot, OHC, 1 cylinder

Cylinder capacity: 97.1 cc

Diameter x steps (boron x run): 50 x 49.5 mm

Compression Ratio: 9.0:1

Maximum power: 7.29 PS / 8000 RPM

Maximum torque: 0.74 kgf.m / 6000 rpm

Starter: electric and kick starter

Engine oil capacity: 0.7 liters at regular changes

Fuel System: Carburetor (Keihin)

Clutch: double, wet, automatic centrifugal

Transmission: 4 Acceleration with Rotary System (N-1-2-3-4-N)

Dimensions (length x width x height): (supra fit 2005) 190.7 x 71.5 x 106.7 cm

Wheel axle: 122.2 cm

Lowest Floor Distance: 14.55 mm

Vehicle weight: 93 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 liters

Suspension: telescopic (front), flying arm with double shock absorber (rear)

Tire size: 2.50-17 38L (front), 2.75-17 41p (rear), alternative 70/90-17 (front), 80/90-17 (back)

Brakes: rear = drum, frontal = drum (supra fit 2003-2004 and buge s), disc (supra fit 2005-2006, new supra fit, sup and fit x)

Ignition System: DC-CDI, Magneto

Battery (Accu / Battery): 12V-5Ah

Plug: ND U20SU / NGK C6HSA. Read More : hondausareview

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