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2022 Honda Supra Fit X History

2022 Honda Supra Fit X History

History of Honda Supra

The first generation still carries the name “Astrea”, so it is officially referred to as Astrea Supra.

The engine capacity of 97.1 cc (100) code C100 is the same as the Astrea family. Wear the gear indicator on the speedometer panel, or it can be said that it has been applied first by AHM. The body is sleek and modern for its time.

2022 Honda Supra Fit X. In this case, motorcycles dominate the Asia market. This semi-automatic transmission motorcycle became the most sold vehicle of its time. One of the duck engines that until now has become a legend is the Honda Supra. Motorcycles with the NF Series Code are motorcycles manufactured by Honda in 1997 for the Asian market. The Supra name is only used for the domestic market, while in other Asian countries this motorcycle is known as the Honda Wave (ASEAN region), Honda Dream (Japan, China and Korea) or the future Honda (India and South Asia).

Supra is here to replace the previous models, Astrea Grand and Legend, although both are still produced as entry level products until 2002. Honda Supra continues to grow from generation to generation. According to various sources, Honda’s next journey to survival entered the “present era.”

The first generation

2022 Honda Supra Fit X
2022 Honda Supra Fit X

The first generation Honda Supra (1997-2001) with a capacity of 97.1 cc (100) C100 SOHC code 2 Vanve Air Cooled (C100) is identical to the Awayfa family and uses drum brakes on the front and rear. The Supra is a motorcycle with the smallest engine capacity compared to its competitors using the 110 cc (2 n ° or 4) and 125 cc (4 no) engines, in the same generation. However, this 100 cc engine has higher power and compression than a scooter engine for the same capacity.

This first generation always used the name “Astrea”, so it was officially called Apsra Supra. Because of this name, many people sometimes refer to this motorbike as “Supra”, a combination of “Supra” and “Astra”. In addition, the weight of this motorbike is relatively light, only 99 kg, making it easy to drive.

Second generation

Honda Supra is probably the most successful motorcycle in the country. Honda Supra was introduced domestically in 1997. Until 2017, the Honda Supra continued to grow but always used the big name, supra.


The Honda Fit X is a Honda motorcycle that goes beyond “better value” for consumers who need a motorcycle like a vehicle that is tough and economical on a daily basis but offers satisfaction and pride. Features of Honda Fit X The latest features include disc brakes, utility box as well as attractive designs and colors supported by a reliable engine.


Using the 4th non-100cc engine which is proven tough and tested and meets Euro II standards, the Fit X is planned to dominate the 100cc motorcycle class in the country. The Fit X offers motorcycle owners a lifeline, rugged and eco-friendly but always has an attractive design that makes it perfect for everyday use.

2022 Honda Supra Fit X
2022 Honda Supra Fit X

Other equipment that will increase the comfort and safety of the rider, among others:
  • Modern design indicator panel with convex glass, clear, complete and easy to monitor
  • Versatile luggage (box) under the seat which is very functional
  • Hip Up Model Seat, which offers maximum comfort while driving
  • The rear suspension is equipped with an inner cover, so it is more protected from dust and dirt.
  • Lighthouse and turmeric with multi reflectors with clear glass that looks luxurious

To meet consumer tastes and desires, X will be offered in 4 color combination variants, namely: Burning black, silver stone, red lava and yellow sun. The Honda Fit X, which is estimated to be around 50,000 units per month for the domestic motorcycle market, will be priced at $739 in Asia.

All of this should provide a new sensation for riders who want to look fashionable and functional and have a strong utility as a motorcycle. Honda Fit X, Quality Motorcycle.

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The following are the technical specifications of the Honda Supra Fit X

Dimensions 1,907 x 702 x 1,069 mm

Axle 1,234 mm

Clearance to ground 147 mm

3.7 liter fuel capacity

Weight 99.4kg.

Vertebral column frame.

Telescopic front suspension

Rear suspension arm, your vibration

Front wheel: 70/90-17m/c 38p

Rear Wheel : 80/90-17m/c 44p

Hydraulic disc brake, double piston

Tromal Rear Brake

Engine type 4 times, SOHC, AC

97.1cc engine capacity.

Diameter X Step 50 x 49.5 mm

Maximum power 7.3 PS @ 8 000 RPM

Maximum torque 0.74 kg-m @ 6000 rpm

Keihin Carburetor

Manual transmission, 4 speed

Starterkicking and electric.

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