Honda Vario 110 Fi Review  2021

Honda Vario 110 Fi Review  2021


Honda Vario 110 Fi Review  2021. officially released by PT AHM (Astra Honda Engine) on March 28, 2013. In terms of appearance, the Honda Vario 110 FI always has an elegant design that is characteristic of the Vario 110 CW carburetor. In terms of technology, the Honda Vario 110 FI is equipped with 2 new technologies, namely: a response system and a brighter and more economical LED light technology.

Honda motorcycles have also been upgraded by new members. Even though there are already Honda Vario 125 and Honda Vario 150, which have been revised for the first time, not necessarily, the PT Astra Honda (AHM) engine has stopped production of one of its flagship bikes, namely the Honda Vario 110. After a few months after the Vario 125 refreshed the Vario 125 , Presentation of Vario 150, PT AHM also introduced the Honda Vario 110 ESP which is an updated version of the old version of the Matic Honda Vario 110 engine. The Honda Vario 110 itself is still popular with domestic people. This can be seen from its continuous sales from time to time. For this reason, PT AHM released the Honda Vario 110 ESP, which now uses Honda’s flagship technology, namely ESP technology.

To maintain this status, Honda also launched the Honda Vario 110 ESP, which is also an evolution of the third generation 110 Vario. In its specifications, the Honda Vario 110 ESP has specifications that tend to be identical to the Honda Vario 110 Fi, which was launched first on the market. But this time, the Vario 110 ESP is equipped with a more dynamic band and additional features, such as ESP, response system and ideal stop system.

These new features will definitely get the Honda Vario 110 ESP plus Enica to drive. In addition, Honda also provides Vario 110 ESP with an elegant physical design, like its brothers, namely Vario 125 and Vario 150.

Honda Vario 110 ESP comes in the 110 cc automatic scooter class. And in the 1980s, newer combustion systems appeared as injections. give some of its main value to the motorcycle. Some of the benefits of injection are friendlier fuel consumption and less emissions. Combustion by injection provides some of its main values ​​in motorcycles.

The advantages that lie in the Honda Vario F1 110

Honda Vario 110 Fi Review  2021
Honda Vario 110 Fi Review  2021

1. Use fuel injection technology

In the motorcycle zone, PT AHM has published the Honda Vario 110 FI series using fuel injection technology or PGM technology which has become one of the environmentally friendly technologies and can also save fuel. About 26% compared to the previous model. This automatic motorcycle is able to save fuel combustion to be more efficient.

2. Double burning

In addition to the injection characteristics, the last Honda Motor Vario 110 FI has dual-illuminated dual lamps and also saves 80%. Of course, this will be more functional when driving at night making this Honda motorcycle more optimal.

3. New feature reply system

While another feature prepared by this new generation vario is the feature of the Singlant Republic system to easily detect your bike. This feature came in handy when we were in the parking lot, which was quite large and spacious as well. The way it works is also very easy, the owner simply presses a button on the remote which will make the Honda Vario 110 FI talk immediately and bring a turn. Of course, the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda Variomik engine that you can get.

4. The seat is wider and wider

Honda Vario 110 FI also has other characteristics, namely the seat height is quite comfortable and the engine distance will not be surprised by the dormant police so that it is more ergonomic.

5. Best security function support support support

There is also a safety feature, namely a lateral stand switch which allows the machine to be not lightened if the lateral standard drops.

6. Better engine performance

Since the performance sector itself, the last Honda Vario FI was delivered with a type 4 stroke engine that uses SOHC technology with 2 valves. Equipped with a horizontal cylinder position that already has a maximum capacity of 110cc. The thing that distinguishes its predecessor is the fuel supply system, where the new vario fi uses the fuel injection system technology, PGM-Fi, while its predecessor always uses a carburetor fuel system.

7. Bigger luggage

Another benefit that Honda’s new Vario has is in the luggage sector which has a larger capacity than its predecessor, which represents up to 13 liters. In addition, other benefits of Hona’s new vario are equipped with features such as CBS, Combi Break System. Read More !

Honda Vario Engine Specifications

Honda Vario 110 Fi Review  2021
Honda Vario 110 Fi Review  2021

Length X Width X Height: 1 888 x 679 x 1,091 mm

Wheel axle: 1,256 mm

Lowest distance from ground: 140 mm

Empty weight: 95 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 liters

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