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New 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation

New 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation

New 2023 Honda Cbr150r Generation. The new Honda CBR150R has officially slipped into early 2021. The smallest family in the CBR series is shipping with a sporting look and better among them. The new CBBR150R is new slick, it is the fifth generation. The history of the CBR150R itself can be found 19 years ago when it first appeared in Thailand in 2002. However, we have high hopes that the next 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation will be able to display the latest version like a full body like moto gp.

The following is the Honda CBR150R History

New 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation
New 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation

1. First generation

The first generation CBR150R was launched to Thailand this year. is the successor model to the Death NSR150 combined with. The first generation CBR150R entered Indonesia through the hands of general importers. At that time, Astra Honda Motor (AHM) had not yet marketed this motorbike.

When gliding, it can be called revolutionary with a new design line. The title lamp is emblematic with a separate model and a nice thin body.

2. Second generation

From the second generation CBR150R was born in 2010. The engine is now equipped with a real injection system or Honda called PGM-Fi fuel injection. Honda has also revised its appearance to be cooler. Naturally because the first generation lasts 8-9 years. For this new model, the scheme follows the first published CBR250R. In 2011, ice motorbikes in asian were brought by AHM. The price at that time was around Rp. 33 million, quite expensive because it is still imported by CBU Thailand.

3. Third generation

From the third generation CBR150R born in 2014. This time, AHM is in asian. Many changes in this third model. Shapes change, dimensions are also bigger. The taillight model returns to the first model separated but the design is different. This generation CBR150R adopts the Telis framework. The rear suspension is a monoshock with pro-link suspension. Needed better to reduce vibration.

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4. Fourth generation

The fourth generation came in 2016 or only two years from the third generation. In this generation, the model changes from the previous model. It looks odd, sporting and has a special color from the delivery of the Astra Honda racing team (AHRT). In addition to the appearance of Honda also improve the technical part. RangeAlya updated, called 5 kg lighter than before. The character of the machine also changed. The power is greater. Capable of producing 17.1 PS at 9,000 rpm and 13.7 nm of torque at 7,000 rpm.

5. Fifth generation

The new Honda CBR150R was launched in January 2021. The fifth generation engine is delivered with a new sports design online with the CBR250RR. When viewing, the new CBR150R follows the CBR250RR design scheme. The big changes are seen in Fascia’s part before being identical to siblings. Improved characteristics on the new CBR150R now sport reverse forward suspension (USD). The new model is also equipped with an assist clutch function as the YAMAHA YZF-R15 from competitors.

Complete specifications of the new Honda CBR150R

New 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation
New 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation

1. Design

The new CBR150R has changed from the previous version. In general, the regime follows its brother, the CBR250RR. Maybe even almost twins.

The big changes can be seen in the front fascia. The headlights are now more inclined than the 2016 CBR150R model. Remember that there is a day running light (DRL). The shape of the stern and taillights have also been changed to resemble the quarter-liter version of the CBR with stop lights made. Although the rims still use the previous CBR150R design. NORIYUKI MORI, CBR150R Styling Designer, Honda R & D Co., Ltd Design Center, said the new CBR150R design has two key words, namely speed and power.

2. Characteristics.

All new CBR150R lighting systems use LEDs. “The LED light is not only energy efficient and long lasting, it is also a symbol of the premium CBR150R class and has a “new CBR generation” by reflecting the light of the CBR250RR in a specially designed scope,” said Mori. Then, the most important change, namely the new CBR150R Foot relies on an inverted front suspension or an inverted front suspension. Kikuo Yamazaki, under the great project manager Honda R & D Co., Ltd., the manufacturing center, stated that the 37 mm diameter suspension will increase depreciation. The CBR150R is also supported by other top characteristics, including the GE anti-slip braking system (ABS) accompanied by an emergency stop signal (ESS). ESS has been applied to several major models of Honda Bike, this feature serves to simultaneously activate the right turning lights on the left when making sudden brakes.

3. Support clutch and slipper

The new CBR150R has been equipped with a clutch/slipper support function as the YAMAHA YZF-R15 competitor. Its function is to reduce the operating load of the clutch lever by about 15% compared to a conventional clutch.

4. Machine

The engine remains the same liquid cooled 150 cc DOHC, capable of producing 17.1 PS at 9,000 rpm and 14.4 nm of torque at 7.000 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 200 meters takes 10.6 seconds and the maximum speed reaches 127 km / h. Workers are routed using a 6-speed transmission. Thomas Wijaya, Marketing Director of AHM, said, even if the engine is described as before, the meaning of the composition is different.

5. Dimensions and Weight

Slightly wider and taller than the previous model, 694 mm wide and 1,077 mm high. Even if the body is smaller but the seat position is lower. The seat of the new CBR150R is 782mm or 5mm below 787mm.

6. Variants

The new CBR150R is marketed in two types, namely non-ABS and ABS. The ABS type is offered with four options, namely Matte Black, Matte Black dominates, Victory Black Red and Honda Racing Red. As for the ABS type, get Femdom Matte Black, Red Black Victory, Honda Racing Red and Special Color MotoGP Edition.

New 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation
New 2023 Honda CBR150R Generation

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