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New Honda Georno 2022

New Honda Georno 2022 Review Spec, Price, and Top speed

New Honda Georno 2022. This retro scooter rival the Vespa from Honda is officially released this year, Scoopy users will be tempted by this newcomer from Honda. The new Honda Georno 2022, Honda’s latest automatic scooter, has a retro scooter style that is very similar to a Vespa motorcycle.

Not only in Asia, the New Honda Georno 2022 was successfully launched for the European market, namely the United States.

The New Honda Georno 2022 carries a Vespa-like concept, both carrying a retro scooter style.

New Honda Georno 2022 design

New Honda Georno 2022
New Honda Georno 2022

The body design of the New Honda Georno 2022 looks distinctively rounded like most retro scooters in general.

while the round headlamp is on the handlebars, and is equipped with a round turn signal like the Honda Scoopy.


If in Asia the Honda Beat is the most fuel efficient scooter because it can penetrate 60.6 km for each liter of gasoline consumed, then the New Honda Georno 2022 can go as far as 80 km for each liter of fuel consumed, it’s extraordinary, isn’t it, so you will be disappointed if not immediately have it.

New Honda Georno 2022 will be an attractive choice if marketed in Asia and Europe. In addition to an attractive appearance, the price is also very affordable, the owner will not lose with the fuel consumption of the New Honda Georno 2022.

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New Honda Georno 2022 mesin engine capacity

Honda Giorno engine capacity is only 50 cc. This motorbike also has features that are carried by the Honda Giorno 2022, not much different. The engine uses the same eSP and ISS features. not only that. What’s interesting is that, even though it has a small engine, the New Honda Georno 2022 already uses radiator cooling. This cooling system is here to support the fairly high engine compression, which is 12:1.

Price of New Honda Georno 2022

The price range of the New Honda Georno 2022 for the European or Asian market can reach $1,830 or it can be higher or more expensive.

New Honda Georno 2022
New Honda Georno 2022


For the Honda Giorno 2022, which has dimensions of only 1650 mm in length with a width of 670 mm, the edge is 1035 mm and the lowest distance to the ground is 105 mm, the overall design of this motorbike looks small and very cute, suitable for scooter lovers or women who have less height. of 150 cm.

Regarding the Honda Giorno 2022 engine, it is only available in a 50 cc engine with F1 cylinder 4 stroke two valve technology, even though it has a small engine, the compression ratio is quite high, reaching 12 ploeit zero to 1 with this postfigurative engine capable of producing 6.6 kW (9.0 PS) of power. / 7,500 rpm.

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