New Honda Megapro FI 2022 Review

New Honda Megapro FI 2022 Review

New Honda Megapro FI 2022 Review. Cooling engine at an affordable price, named the new Honda Megapro FI. This motorbike was launched for the first time on January 27, 2015 at the Center for the Asian State Congress, namely Jakarta, bringing a myriad of new technologies that were not found in the previous Megapro series.

As the name suggests, the megapro fi has been equipped with a technology injection engine (FI) that allows you to have a more powerful repos, and of course save fuel because it has passed Euro 3 emissions.

Changes That Happened to Megapro Fi

Honda Megapro FI
Honda Megapro FI

Not only changing the modified engine, the new Honda Megapro FI also underwent a design change from the previous megapro version. This change makes this bike more rushed and looks more sporty. Although there have been major changes, it does not make the price of the Honda Megapro still expensive. Honda sells this bike at an affordable price, to participate in cheap Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycles. Where two Yamaha Betson and Kawasaki Bajaj NS200 represent to deal with megapro fi.

Armed with technology injection technology that is more efficient and has been able to optimize engine power, of course the new Honda Megapro FI will not be too difficult to fight the performance of Yamaha Betson, which is also equipped with injection engine technology. In addition, the engine capacity is equally important, a capacity of 150 cc.

Having said that, we can say that the two Japanese motorcycles have a strong performance when they are invited to run on the highway and maneuver in various road conditions. The Honda Megapro FI is the sporty output level of PT Astra Honda motorcycles that are included with a more powerful engine, Honda Megapro FI is now equipped with a new engine with a capacity of 150cc, SOHC, with 5 speeds carrying PGM technology. This new engine has a powerful, reactive, efficient and environmentally friendly performance with Euro 3 emission standards.

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The Reason Why Designed Honda Megapro FI

designed as a sporty motorcycle which has dimensions of 2,052 mm in length, 742 mm in width and 1,079 mm in height with 1 316 mm wheels and 156 mm ground clearance. This sporty motorbike which weighs 135 kg is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 12.3 liters.

Over the chassis, the Honda Megapro FI carries a diamond pattern combined with a telescopic front suspension and a monoshock for an adjustable rear. Meanwhile for the wheel circumference, the Honda Megapro FI combines tires measuring 80/100 – 17 m/c 46p for the front and 100/90 – 17 m/c 55p for the rear.

Meanwhile, to stop the wheels, the Honda Megapro FI has hydraulic disc brakes with dual pistons for the front and hydraulic discs, with one piston for the rear.

Dimensions And Design

Honda Megapro FI
Honda Megapro FI

Car friends who are confused about looking for a cheap sporty motorbike with a beautiful appearance can choose the new Honda Megapro fi as the best choice. This bike offers a modern look, in a body with dimensions of 2,052 mm long, 7.42 mm wide and 1,079 mm.

Despite the weight reaching 135 kg, the fuel tank with a capacity of 12.3 liters. Seeing this size, it is certain that the Honda Megapro FI will look very agile because it has an ideal shape that is not too big and has a fairly light weight. In addition, this motorbike is also equipped with the latest wrapper design which has aero fins or air fins and is equipped with a lateral cover with a more attractive design.

Motor Performance

The price of the Honda Megapro FI has a price higher than 20 million, of course it requires this motorbike to have a strong engine. Talking about the sophistication of the engine, this motorcycle has been equipped with advanced SOHC technology with 5 speeds and uses Honda PGM-FI technology. It has been proven that the combination of these technologies causes the Honda Megaprof to penetrate 8,500 rpm and have a maximum torque of 6,500 rpm. In addition, this engine is also more economical, because you only need 1 liter of fuel to travel up to 46.2 km.

Advantages of Honda Megapro FI

The new Honda Megapro FI is equipped with a capacity of 150 cc 4 instead of a speed SOHC transmission with the new XRP technology (x-tra sensitive performance engine). With this new engine, the new FI MEGA is capable of generating energy to reach 10.1 kW at 8,500 rpm with a torque of 12.8 nm at 6,500 rpm.

As for the fuel consumption based on the ECE-R40 Honda New Mega Pro FI, up to 46 kilometers / liter or 10 percent more efficient than the previous model. The new Honda Megapro FI includes four color options: Brave Black, Red Renegade, White Active and Blue Ablaze.

Honda Megapro Fi Specifications

Engine Type: SOHC, 4 Stroke, 5 Speed

capacity: 150 cc

X step diameter : 57.3 x 57.84 mm

Compression ratio: 9.5:1

Power : 9.8 kW (13.3 PS) / 800 rpm

Torque: 12.3 nm (1.25 kgf.m) / 600 rpm

Start : Electric Starter & Kickstarter

Clutch type: manual, double wet clutch with coil spring

Combustion system: PGM-Fi

Transition Type : 5 Speed

Transition Model : 1-N-2-3-4-5

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