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New Honda Spacy 2023 Possible Redesign

Honda Spacy 2023 Possible Redesign

Honda Spacy 2023. Honda Spacy is a brand of scooter motorcycle produced by Astra Honda Motor in Indonesia. This motorcycle was launched on May 13, 2011 and was intended to anticipate the growing popularity of automatic scooters in the Honda motorcycle market in Asia. but after a long time, will Honda redesign this motorbike in 2023, considering the market demand for the Honda Spacy motorbike at that time it was not very popular in the market, but it does not demand the possibility that next year Honda Spacy will return to asphalt with surprising specifications and models, and we need to know The giant Honda company does not claim that it is likely to do something spectacular in 2023 with its products. We’ll just have to wait for the show time.

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Honda Spacy 2023 Possible Redesign. Spacy Honda motorcycles include Honda Matic motorcycles with a 110 cc engine class, in addition to Honda Matic motorcycles, equipped with a fuel supply system in the form of PGM FI. So that the fuel consumption of this Honda Matic motorcycle will save fuel and respect the environment more.

In addition, this Honda Matic motorcycle has also been equipped with a number of advanced features. Users will feel more fun when using this Honda Matic motorbike. Both are used for traveling in the city, as well as when using long journeys. And not only, the Honda Spacy Motorbike design has also been designed with a much sportier design. Make this motorcycle Honda Matic will be much more elegant and confident. As for the color variants available from this Honda spacy, there are magnificent white, imperial white and black lastly black.

Honda Spacy 2023
Honda Spacy 2023

The Fundamental Differences Between Honda Spacy Carburetor And Injection System

fuel lies in engine performance and fuel consumption. Although both have the same engine capacity, which is 108cc, the fuel-injected version is capable of emitting slightly more aggressive power than the carburetor model. If the carburetor version can only burn 8.54 PS to 8,000, the injection version can power up to 8.67 PS on the same lap.

Similarly, the torque that can be contacted. Honda’s spoly PGM-FI is said to be able to reach a peak of 8.93 nm at 6 500 rpm, while the carburetor version can only reach a maximum torque of 8.04 nm to 6,500 tr. Min. In addition, PT AHM also dares to mention that the injection of spacy fuel consumption is up to 17% more economical compared to the carburetor version.

The difference between the shoulder carburetor and the injection lies in the fuel capacity. While the spacy carburetor can only hold 5 liters of fuel, the injection model can hold more than 0.5 liters. Meanwhile, the weight of the injection version is about 2 kg relative to the carburetor model because there are additional injection components.

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Advantages of Honda Spacy Fi Motorcycle

Honda Spacy 2023
Honda Spacy 2023
1. Engine Performance

In terms of motorcycles, Honda Spacy Fi is equipped with a 108 cc engine, with a 4-type SOHC engine. When a Honda Spacy motorcycle, is able to provide a maximum power of 8,000 rpm and is able to provide a maximum torque of 6,000 rpm. This can be checked only if Honda motorcycle users will feel satisfied while driving with this Honda Matic motorcycle. Regarding the boot system used by Honda Spacy motorcycles, it is an electric starter and kick starter system, which allows the user to be much easier when you use this Honda Matic motorcycle.

2. Cooling System

As for the cooling system used by the Honda Spacy Fi motorbike, it is a fan cooler and this Honda motorbike has a fuel tank capacity of 5 liters. When the fuel capacity for the engine size is very large. As for the type of transmission used, it uses an automatic jacket. With respect to the battery or batteries used in Honda motorcycles, this is a 12V-3AH MF MF battery, with the ignition system used using DC – Digital CDI. Will the performance of this motorbike Honda matic spacy fi be faster and stronger.

3. Brake Lock Lever

Not only that, another advantage of the Honda Spacy Fi is in the features section, where several features have been embedded in this Honda motorcycle, namely the function of the brake lock lever. While this feature is identical to the auto-check function, users don’t need to always press the brakes when parked or stopped on the road or getting off. The following feature is the automatic lateral standard, where this feature makes the motor engine ignore if the standard position is always lower than that. For this will guarantee more users who often forget to raise the lateral standard while they are driving.

4. Ignition Lock

The advantage of other Honda fi spacy is in the ignition lock, this Honda fi spacy has been designed with an automatic model. To make it further execute the state of the machine when it should be parked from you. Not only that, the benefits of other Honda Spoly FI motorcycles are in the additional fuel tank. Where this motorbike Honda Matic has a spare fuel tank with its own fuel tank capacity of 0.5 liters, which allows this user to worry about losing fuel when driving from a distance.

Specifications of Honda Spacy Fi

Honda Spacy 2023
Honda Spacy 2023

Size : Length x width x height 1,841 x 660 x 1,094 mm

Axis : 1,256 mm

Lowest distance from ground : 128 mm

Empty weight 97 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 5.5 liters (plus more)

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