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Review of Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022

Review of Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022

Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022. Honda Brio Satya E CVT is one of the best sales contributors at Honda in the country. Small dimensions, fuel efficient and the most powerful among rivals to be one of the benefits of Honda’s LCGC. In the second generation, the Honda Brio Satya still maintains its acceptance with all the advantages. We also carried out a complete test of the highest variant of the Honda Brio. In terms of designing major changes on the outside, the dimensions are now enlarged from their present faces like the Mobilio. Dimensions are 3,815 x 1 680 x 1480 mm with a wheelbase at 2 405 mm, that is 60 mm longer than the previous generation.

The dashboard, door chains and seats of the Brio Satya are always the same as the previous generation. Having a larger dimension of course affects the accommodation of passengers and goods. Now, Brio is more spacious, especially for rear passengers and of course can carry more stuff. When a tester with a posture of 170 cm sits in the second row, always leaves the feet for 10 fingers, while the height is 4 fingers. The luggage capacity is now bigger than the previous generation, the total luggage capacity is now 258 liters, an increase of 84 liters. But if you need more luggage, the second row can be folded by pulling the lever on the left seat.

Brio Satya E Cvt . Review

Honda Brio E is the LCGC Brio Group. E CVT shows that the relevant use of the automatic CVT model transmission equipped with Honda Terre Dreams technology. On the technical side, it makes no difference. But if you look at the outer design, it will be very noticeable. The alloy rim is 14 inches, an inch smaller than the RS variant. Inside, the most obvious appearance is the absence of a multimedia system with a touchscreen. It is only in the RS variant.

Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022
Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022

Interesting Things In This Car

1. First in terms of convenience

Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022 It feels more comfortable thanks to a set of suspensions that have been perfected. The dings are now noticeably smoother than the old Honda Brio. But that doesn’t mean the handling is sacrificed. Moreover, the cabin is slightly increased, although the sound of the car’s road is still audible. Naturally, if it sounds, the type of car in the upper class such as the Honda Civic or C-RV is still quite audible road noise.

2. Performance of Brio Satya E Cvt

actually there is no technical change from the engine transmission. This type of car still relies on the L12b engine capacity of 1,199 cc 4-cylinder I-VTEC with 90 DK power and 110 nm of torque. But what’s interesting, our test data get a unique fact, which even though the Brio has an additional weight of 20 kg compared to before, its performance has improved. When testing acceleration from 0-100 km / h, Brio can make a time of 11.6 seconds or an increase of 0.2 seconds from before.

The fuel test is also the same, for routes in the city with a speed of 22 km / h, the results can record 16.9 km / l from the previous 16.6 km / l. But on toll routes with an average speed of 90 km/h, the record is still the same at 2.6 km/l. Based on the statement above, the question for an LCGC car is: is the Honda Brio Satya E CVT worth selling for Rp. 162.5 million? If I say it is feasible, because the improvements made to the new Brio are positive. Both sets of suspension, accommodation to the now better performance.

3. Honda Brio variant

Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022
Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022

• Type S MT (Manual Transmission)
• Type E MT (Manual Transmission)
• Type E CVT (automatic transmission)
• MT RS (manual transmission)
• Type RS CVT (automatic transmission)
In terms of features, the Honda Brio Satya E CVT 2022 has a few more features among similar LCGC cars. Machine Perspective PT Honda, as a manufacturer, provides two types of excellence, namely the BRIO RS for the city car segment and the Satya Brio for the LCGC segment at a more affordable price. The price of the second part is relatively cheap and affordable, adapted to the buyer of the first car.

Advantages of Honda Brio Satya E CVT

The engine performance is qualified and equipped with VTEC technology. The economy is not lower than the user of the 3-cylinder engineAgile and convincing driving impression, Complete functions, From the entertainment system with digital air conditioning.

Honda Brio Satya E Cvt engine: powered by a 1199 cc gas engine with an online 4 cylinder, 4 valve, SOHC configuration.
Transmission Honda Brio Satya E CVT: uses a variable speed CVT transmission.
Satya Brio Performance E CVT : Satya e CVT 1199 cc brio engine has 89 HP power with 110 nm of torque.
Competitors Honda Brio Satya E CVT: Brio Satya e CVT has several competitors. Among them are Toyota Agya 1.2L TRD A/T, Toyota Yaris G M/T 3B, Daihatsu Ayla 1.2L R to DLX, Suzuki Ignis GL MT and Daihatsu Sirion 1.3L Mt.

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