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Specifications Honda Lead 125 2022 Use 4 Valve Engine

Specifications Honda Lead 125 2022 Use 4 Valve Engine

Honda Lead 125 2022 Design

Specifications Honda Lead 125 2022. Honda recently launched a new automatic scooter (scooter) that looks luxurious in the style of European motorcycles. In terms of design, the Honda Lead 125 2022 looks like a Honda Spacy, but this bike has its own advantages, with larger dimensions. For the front and rear lights, LEDs are used. Slightly different from the Honda Vario, the main Honda Lead lights are on the top of the handlebar shell, while for the motorcycle body as a whole it looks wider, especially in the middle to the rear.

This can be seen from the front of the Honda Lead 125 which uses a single headlamp located on the steering handlebars.

As for the twilight and turn signals from the Honda Lead 125, they are located on the front side.

Then for the instrument panel, this new Honda motorbike uses a combination of digital analog with a simple design.

At first glance, it reminds of the design of the Honda Spacy or SH150i which was previously circulating in Indonesia.

Honda Lead 125 2022 Specifications

Honda Lead 125 2022 specifications are completely new and very different, Honda Lead 125 2022 specifications Use the latest generation engine with a capacity of 124.8 cc from Honda, namely the ESP + single cylinder configuration, 4 stroke, with 4 valves, SOHC, and also liquid cooled. The engine used is exactly the same as the Honda Lead 125 which was first marketed in Vietnam.

For its own performance, it has a peak power of 8.22 kW or about 11.17609 PS which is achieved at 8,500 rpm but unfortunately for peak torque it is not included in the specification table on this motorbike. But one more thing that is very tempting is the fuel consumption is quite economical. In one liter this bike can take you to have fun as far as 52 km / liter.

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Honda Lead 125 2022 Engine Specifications

Specifications Honda Lead 125 2022
Specifications Honda Lead 125 2022

Engine Type eSP+, 4 stroke, 4 valve, SOHC, liquid cooled

Maximum Power 8.22 kW @ 8500 rpm

Engine Oil Capacity

0.8 liters regular replacement

0.9 liters when disassembling the engine

Fuel Consumption 2.16 liter/100 km

Automatic Transmission System

Electric Starter System

Engine Capacity 124.8 cc

Diameter x Piston Stroke 53.5 x 55.5 mm

Compression Ratio 11.5 : 1

BBM Honda Lead 125

Honda’s new 125 cc scooter glides, full-featured luxury-looking motorbike for the European market, this motorbike is very fuel-efficient, through 52 km / liter.

The difference is, the Honda Lead 125 has a 6 liter fuel tank that can be filled on the front deck so we don’t have to go down and open the seat.

In terms of storage accommodation, the Honda Lead 125 also has a 37-liter luggage seat that can fit two helmets at once.

Officially launched in Thailand, the Honda Lead 125 uses an engine similar to the Vario 160, namely the ESP + 4 liquid-cooled valve.

Price Honda Lead 125 2022

Honda Motorcycle Honda Lead 125 2022 presents three color choices for the 2022 model, namely White, Red, and Blue. Meanwhile, the price for the 2022 Honda Lead 125 is sold for $1,757

Features of Honda Lead 125 2022

Specifications Honda Lead 125 2022
Specifications Honda Lead 125 2022

The Honda Lead 125 2022 feature is the most prominent because at the bottom of the seat everything is used as luggage, with a trunk capacity of 37 liters so that it can accommodate more luggage. This is of course very practical to store other luggage when driving

Then for filling the fuel tank, it is on the handlebar with a relatively large fuel tank capacity, reaching 6 liters. To open the fuel tank cover is connected with the main key, the same as opening the seat in general.

Here are some of the features of the latest Honda Lead 2022 model:
  • Luggage under the seat reaches 37 liters and is the largest in the automatic motorcycle family in its class
  • there is a hook for hanging luggage (shopping bags) at the bottom of the handlebar
  • Honda SH Mode 125 . LED headlights
  • easy-to-fill front fuel tank with a capacity of 6 liters
  • New multi function with fuel consumption information and oil change indicator
  • LED taillight
  • USB socket in the storage drawer under the handlebars
  • use of Honda Smart Key System (keyless)

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