The advantages and Specifications of The Honda Scoopy 2022

The advantages and Specifications of The Honda Scoopy 2022

The advantages and specifications of the Honda Scoopy 2022. This Honda Scoopy actually has the same platform as the Honda Beat. But there’s always a lot of difference. Especially in the driving position. Even if he uses the same chassis as the Honda Beat, but on a Scoopy frame on a larger footrest.

To permanently create a larger and wider legroom compared to the Honda Beat. The sitting position is also more comfortable with a higher handlebar than the Honda Beat. If the beat is folded inside so that it is more sporty, while the Scoopy is even manly and taller. Finally, the sitting position becomes standing and comfortable. In addition, the rug is wide and soft, he wants to walk. When opening the seat, the luggage storage element has been equipped with a cover even if the size is not too big. Anspermeable just made this extra luggage for honda Scoopy 2022

Honda Scoopy 2022
Honda Scoopy 2022

Suitable For Women and Men Modern For Urban

The choices and variants of the last conception and color of the Honda Scoopy can hypnotize the day before to propose this environmentally friendly motorcycle. Honda Scoop has many design variants that are adapted to men or women.

Eco-friendly Honda Scoopy 2022

Honda Scoopy 2022
Honda Scoopy 2022

Honda indicates that the Scoopy injection is quite effective in transforming the engine fuel from about 56 km, which only has 1 liter of gas. Not only that, Honda itself also supports reforestation or get-green efforts by providing idle stop technology.

This feature is very useful for motorists who often get traffic jams and traffic lights. If this feature is turned on, when the machine stops a few seconds automatically, the machine will turn off. To start the Honda Scoocy motorcycle engine enough to pull the gas and the engine starts automatically. This is very cool.

Honda officially launched the All New Honda Scoopy Version 2022, Honda Scoopy 2022 now has 8 new color choices that are very stunning.

The Honda All New Scoopy 2022 is officially released by Astra Honda Motor (AHM) with a new color choice for Asia. but whether this will mean for the european region.

The Honda All New Scoopy has four model variants namely Prestige, Stylish, Fashion, and Sporty, with different characters and advantages. Each variant of the Honda All New Scoopy 2022 has two color choices, so there are a total of 8 color choices.

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Honda Scoopy 2022 Color Options

Honda Scoopy 2022
Honda Scoopy 2022

 The color choices of the Honda All New Scoopy consist of Prestige White and Prestige Black, with Burnt Titanium color rims, which of course is a very stylish combination.

Then, for the Stylish variant, the colors are Stylish Brown and Stylish Red, with silver rims. and also the Fashion variant is a bit crowded, with a combination of striping whose designs tend to be attractive. In this variant, there are two color choices, namely Fashion Black and Fashion Blue. Now make your choice of scooter in this very eco-friendly and attractive city.

Meanwhile, the most popular variant is the Sporty model, which comes in Sporty Red and Sporty Black color options.

The Sporty variant also has an attractive color character because it has a striking striping. so that it becomes a unified and very unique combination. In fact, Sporty Red applies a dual tone color, where the body is colored red, with the back being black.

Spesifikasi Honda Scoopy 2022

Machine Honda Scoopy 2022

Engine Type 4 – Stroke, SOHC with Air Cooling, eSP

PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) Fuel Supply System

Diameter X Step 47 x 63.1 mm

Automatic Transmission Type, V-Matic

Compression Ratio 10 : 1

Maximum Power 6.6 kW (9 PS) / 7,500 rpm

Maximum Torque 9.3 Nm (0.95 kgf.m) / 5,500 rpm

Electric Starter Type & kick Starter / Electric (Smart Key Type)

Clutch Type Automatic, Centrifugal, Dry Type

Frame & Legs Honda Scoopy 2022

Underbone Frame Type – eSAF (enhance Smart Architecture Frame)

Telescopic Front Suspension Type

Swing Arm Rear Suspension Type with Single Shock Absorber

Front Tire Size 100/90 – 12 59J (Tubeless)

Rear Tire Size 110/90 – 12 64J (Tubeless)

Single Piston Hydraulic Front Disc Brake

Drum Rear Brake

Combi Brake System

Dimensions & Weight

Length X Width X Height 1,864 x 683 x 1,075 mm

Seating Height 746 mm

Wheelbase 1,251 mm

Lowest Distance To Ground 145 mm

Curb Weight 95 kg and 94 kg (SmartKey type)


4.2 L . Fuel Tank Capacity

0.65 Liter Lubricating Oil Capacity (Periodic Replacement)


Battery Type Or MF 12V-5Ah

Full Transisterized Ignition System

Spark Plug Type NGK MR9C-9N

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