The New Honda Forza 350 2023, USA Price, Specs, Features, and Speed

Honda Forza 350 2023, USA Price, Specs, Features, and Speed

Honda Forza 350 2023 Reviews

Honda Forza 350 2023
Honda Forza 350 2023

The New Honda Forza 350 2023. Honda Forza 350 launched globally in Thailand this year. The Honda Forza 350 2023 is updated with this product made by AP Honda. One of them is the mechanical heart. No longer 250 cc, but upgraded to 350 cc. Interestingly, this big scooter can already be ordered by consumers both in Asia and the European market.

At first glance, if you look at it, there is no significant difference with the Honda Forza 250 cc. Even if you look closely, there are some refreshments. The most obvious is the embedding of silver accents on the side tebeng (right-left). Made larger and designed in harmony with the new body shape. From this side alone, it can be seen the affirmation of the scooter’s aggressive character. You could say his stature is now more sporty, not just masculine like the previous model. Especially with the shape of the exhaust like this. Made more towering, plus a similar accent on the Honda Forza 350 2023 model.

The changes to the Honda Forza 350 2023 do not touch the lighting sector. Both the front and rear lights are still the same as the Forza 250. Another difference lies in the windshield to withstand the wind. Honda Forza 350 2023 can still be adjusted with two settings (up and down) via the button settings on the left of the handlebars. However, on the Forza 350 the maximum height of the windshield is 150 mm. An increase of 10 mm compared to the Forza 250 which is only 140 mm.

Firut Honda Forza 350 2023

Honda Forza 350 2023
Honda Forza 350 2023

Features and operation of Honda Forza 350 2023 Using a keyless key system with a remote that has complete Answer Back System, alarm and features to find motorbikes in parking locations.

This section is also coupled with a button to open the gas tank cover and seat. Questioning the capacity of each, of course increasing. The tank volume of the Honda Forza 350 2023 has increased from 11.5 liters (Forza 250) to 11.7 liters. Then the luggage capacity under the seat, obviously increases even though it can still accommodate two helmets.

Dimensions of Honda Forza 350 2023

Dimensions Forza 350 and Forza 250. Even so, only the length is different. The reason is, the width of both remains the same which is 754 mm. In fact, Forza 350 is lower than his sister. That’s why the Forza 350’s seat adjustment remains the same, 780 mm. In contrast, the ground clearance of the 350 cc version is made 147 mm or 3 mm higher than the Forza 250 (144 mm).

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Honda Forza 350 2023 Engine Specs

Honda Forza 350 2023 Has an engine capacity of 329.60 cc. The mechanical heart with the overhead camshaft is claimed to be developed and very gahar and responsive, but also minimal friction to keep it efficient. This is followed by the application of a 5.5 liter air filter to optimize compressed air into the fuel chamber.

Price Honda Forza 350 2023

There the Honda Forza 350 is sold at a price of $ 5,633, the price also depends on the area where you live.

Color Honda Forza 350 2023

As for the color availability, Honda Forza 350 2023, Black, White-Blue, Red-Black and Blue-Black.

Top Speed Honda Forza 350 2023

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